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Porsche of Fairfield Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Roman Klufas | Massachusetts | 2017-10-06

Great experience and magnificent showroom! Our salesman Albert A. was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. In fact, knowing that we had to drive from Massachusetts "afterhours" to view the car while contemplating the purchase, he went out of his way to place the car outside of the showroom and waited for us. Additionally, the final price and lease offer were very competitive. Bought the car and we're loving it!

EJ Hochreiter | Connecticut | 2016-12-16

Exceptional service. Prompt and knowledgeable and eager to go an extra yard! Toshe has been a great help and provided good guidance with respect to maintenance options and given timely service for emergency issues. I go out of my way to come to Fairfield.

Alyson Leppla | Connecticut | 2016-12-17

Upon coming to the service area in Fairfield I waited 15 minutes for a person to come to the window and assist me. I was only looking for wiper blades for my Macan. On a Saturday afternoon there should be someone at the desk to assist Porsche drivers.

Kevin K. | CT | 2016-04-07

Jose Diaz was excellent. The whole process from start to finish was absolutely great. I will recommend Jose to my friends. I also enjoyed working with Tony Salluhi and Robert Duggan. This was the best experience I have had buying a car. I would highly recommend the team to anyone interested in buying a Porsche.

A. P. | CT | 2016-01-07

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the entire service staff at Porsche of Fairfield. They are always professional, available, knowledgeable and organized. I am especially impressed and appreciative of our service advisor's, Diane Bodge, efforts and dedication and James Moreno, the service manager, was extremely attentive and helpful with our latest set of challenging issues. They gave and will continue to give 100% to each customer/client and are a true pleasure to work with!

H. D. | CT | 2016-01-05

"It was by pure luck that I ended up at this location! I will never buy another car other than Porsche and will never buy it nowhere other than Porsche of Fairfield! Thank you for your outstanding service!"


J. D. | CT | 2015-12-15

"My car was purchased at the Porsche of Fairfield dealer based on inventory - I originally had no intention of servicing it there based on the distance from my home. I am very satisfied with my choice of returning to the dealership for service. My service adviser was pleasant, informative and an excellent communicator. That last point is hugely important for those of us with hectic calendars. I will return to Porsche of Fairfield all my service needs."

R. L. | CT | 2015-11-28

"Jose Diaz is a phenomenal salesperson. We enjoyed every aspect of the purchase process. He is a true professional who knows the Porsche products deeply and makes the whole experience terrific. We also appreciate Robert Duggan's participation in the process, always making us feel like valued customers."

Y. C. | CT | 2015-08-11

"Diane at Porsche Fairfield has again demonstrated impeccable professionalism and dedication to customer service and complete satisfaction. Again, like always, completely happy with the service experience at Porsche Fairfield and unreserved commendation for Diane's thoughtfulness and hospitality! Look forward to continued excellent experience with Porsche Fairfield in many years to come!"


J. B. | CT | 2015-07-23

"The sales process, honesty/transparency, and flexibility of the dealership to meet my scheduling needs for review of the vehicle and completion of the purchase were exemplary."


Jin Pyun | CT | 2015-05-19

"I purchased a 2016 Cayenne, working with Anthony Montemurno. While I was far along the sales process with another dealer, decided to come to Fairfield on a whim. Ended up leaving my first meeting with Anthony with an order and a deposit. Working with Anthony and Fairfield was an incredible experience, from discussing options to trade-in. Anthony was incredibly knowlegeable, professional and non-salesy, and he helped me configure my car to my exact liking. He was the perfect embassador. In addition, Fernando was so straight-forward and honorable dealing with me regarding the trade-in. I'd highly recommend these guys to anyone interested in a Porsche. Thanks to the entire gang at Fairfield."


K. P. | CT | 2015-04-08

"Great,awesome fantastic team there....profesion,personable,articulate,down to earth, good sense of humor,loyal,well trained. As a business owner I can see to qualities of a well run operation and employees Well Done !"

L. B. | CT | 2015-03-04

"Honestly I don't know how they could improve. The entire staff is dialed into making sure they represent not only the product but the dealership in a very professional courteous manner."

D. L. | CT | 2015-02-19

"My sales person, Josa Diaz, was outstanding. Polite, knowledgeable, quick to respond to phone messages. He really went out of his way to make this a great buying experience. I had never purchased a car sight-unseen from 1,500 miles away before, and was a bit apprehensive. Jose was fantastic and did a great job of making this a smoothe, painless transaction. Much appreciated!"


Alex | CT | 2015-02-05

"Great service department. I love getting Porsche loaners at very reasonable rates. It is fantastic that you get to drive in and go over the car inside the service area. Best dealer I have ever used."


J. M. | CT | 2014-12-03

"What a fantastic experience. It was well researched over a period of months with several visits to the dealership and a great dialogue with Jose Diaz and his colleagues. It could not have gone any better. Jose was great, and the professionalism of the entire team was appreciated - - it was a discussion, not a "sell"."


P. N. | CT | 2014-12-03

"Sales person Jose Diaz was a joy to work with. Had decided to purchase a BMW X5 and already ordered one, but his persistence and friendliness brought me back there and changed my mind."


David B. | CT | 2014-11-11

"I was struck by the willingness of all to help me, during my purchase decisions and when the car arrived. Tim O'Hara, the salesman who was my main contact, did an outstanding job bringing in the various people who were needed during purchase. There seems to be a happy ethos at Fairfield. Shows good management."

T. L. | CT | 2014-09-27

"The experience exceeded my already high expectations. The dealership and staff were the best I have ever experienced in my years a buying cars."


B. B. | CT | 2014-09-13

"I brought my 2015 Targa in for some minor body work after coming in contact with an over-aggressive deer and the service department at Porsche of Fairfield could not have been nicer and any more professional. They picked the car up took care of the issue (for far less than $1,000) and returned it to me within the time they said they would and for less than they estimated. John my service contact and José my sales consultant worked closely together to make my experience very pleasant."

P. B. | CT | 2014-08-07

"Nicholas Coclin was wonderful to work with. He went above and beyond the call of duty and I sincerely appreciate all his help. One of the best car purchasing experience/ transactions I have ever experienced."


D. K. | CT | 2014-07-09

"This dealership sets the threshold for what a car buying experience should entail. Just fun, engaging and accommodating. Whether I bought a Porsche or not , I always left feeling as if I was among fellow car enthusiasts and not car salespeople. Just fun to hang out and cheek out all the interesting cars. Just Great. However did buy 4 cars over the years and was taken care of professionally!"

M. S. | CT | 2014-06-09

"I have had an excellent experience with Tony Montemurno. I bought a 2013 Boxster S from him last year.I am about to be transferred overseas. I reached out to Tony a couple of weeks ago as I was trying to decide if I should take the car with me or not. Tony not only responded immediately to my email, but also his advice and insight has been invaluable throughout this process. I certainly took note that he took after-sales service very seriously, which certainly doesn't seem to be the norm these days. It is because of people like him that I will continue to be a loyal Porsche of Fairfield customer going forward."

Arnie Cohen | CT | 2014-03-16

Robert was the MOST professional and attentive sales associate we encountered though out Fairfield County and across many different dealerships. He was informative, thorough and displayed unique patience. His follow up fast and exact. This past week I decided to give up my 18 year old classic. The first dealer went I went to visit was Fairfield and of course Robert. Again he was the ultimate professional. Our appointment was at 11, by 12:30 I had selected a car and made a deal. At 3 Fairfield was processing my paperwork and I drove home with my new car. The entire team - sales, management, business office was extraordinary - easy, fair - I highly recommend. Easy to understand why they are so successful. They operate with the mindset of "Customer First". Readily apparent."


George K. | CT | 2014-02-25

"Tony Montemurno, my salesman, was a pleasure to deal with. He was very prompt responding to all my questions and I always felt that he had my best interests at heart. I have always wanted a Porsche and after driving the Panamera GTS I decided that it was the car for me and feel that the car is superior to anything I have driven in the past and it would be a step down if I had to settle for another brand."

Larry Gelber | PA | 2014-02-17

"I had been enamored with the 981 since it was introduced in 2012. Altough I had looked and inquired at dealer after dealer and spent my time going over build after build on the internet; I never pulled the trigger. Either the time was not right, the salesman too pushy, the price non-negotiably high or the dealership unresponsive. Then, I ended up with Porsche of Fairfield. Two things may have made this deal quite difficult for any other dealership: 1) I tend do do my negotiations mostly by the internet and e-mail and, to some small extent by telephone. 2) I was purchasing the vehicle long distance from Pennsylvania without ever setting foot in Porsche of Fairfield. However Robert Duggan made the process very simple. I immedatly felt comfotable and trusted them. The paperwork was easy to complete and the financing rate was very attractive. Now, two years after entertaining only the possibility of owning the Boxster - it is mine! Delivered right to my door with the options, color and extras I wanted, at the right price, in showroom perfect condition. Thanks guys!"

Antonios I. | CT | 2014-02-14

"The sales professional made the process of buying a car much less stressful than my last purchase...he returned my calls promptly and answered all my questions . I will refer any friends or clients in the market for a Porsche to him I trust his judgement and his honesty. I look forward to working with Ferndinando when I decide to buy my next vehicle which will be a 911 this spring. Thank You!"


Victor D. | CT | 2014-02-14

"Nick the salesman was great, and saw me thru the buying process. By far the best sales person and dept ever. Bob took interest and were of a great help. Great Store!"


Andrew G. | CT | 2014-02-14

"I would to thank Robert Duggan for his professionalism. They made the process of this purchase an easy, enjoyable experience. This is the 3rd Porsche I've bought from Porsche of Fairfield, it won't be the last."


Neal M. | CT | 2014-02-14

"My salesman, Jose Diaz, was simply amazing. No pressure, lots of information and a clear desire to make me happy as opposed to just making a sale. I was very pleased with the whole car-buying experience."

Alfred W. | CT | 2014-01-07

"This was by far the best purchasing experience of a major item I have ever had in my 67 years. Salesmen and managers were exceptionally conscientious, knowledgeable, helpful, and focused on assuring my satisfaction with both the configuration I ordered and with every aspect of the purchase experience itself. Also, the Porsche of Fairfield facility is magnificent, and exudes class and quality. After thoroughly researching all available sports cars selling for less than $100K, I became convinced that the 2014 Cayman S simply has no peers, and was a clear choice. In reaching that conclusion I took into account performance, styling, quality, reliability, features, and refinement of interior details. Everything about the car and the dealership exudes class and quality."

Shawn L. | CT | 2014-01-06

"This is my second car purchased in 2013. the guys at Porsche of Fairfield are great and really went out of their way to make sure I was happy. I referred two friends who bought cars from them as well."


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